2023 GMC Duramax Specs And Tough Machine

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2023 GMC Duramax what kind of car is it?

2023 GMC Duramax – Duramax is a conversation among pickup lovers where the name Duramax often appears in Google searches. what kind of car? did the name Duramax itself become one of the car brands in America? let’s have a look at the reviews we’re going to cover here. GMC is what we need with Duramax frills behind it. but this car is a pickup type with the GMC Sierra 1500 brand. why is it called GMC Duramax in every search on google?.

This full-size pickup has recently become a hot topic in America where no matter what logo it carries there will be a piece of news hit with every full-sized pickup debut. The GMC Sierra is one of these types of cars whose competitors are not inferior, such as Ford, Chevrolet, and RAM. Duramax designation could be due to the improvement of the engine, the luxury of the interior, and the smoothness of the exterior of this car. especially the Denali Ultimate model whose specifications are already the highest in the Sierra GMC model.

2023 GMC Duramax Exterior

2023 gmc duramax specs
2023 GMC Duramax specs

GMC is starting to overhaul what it calls pickups. Huge feats will also require tweaking and tweaking the Sierra body as well as competitors that recently debuted the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and Ford F-150. Sierra changed to use a grille that is larger and has performed in that area, does not prevent its agile, aggressive work with the installation of daytime lights neatly conceived between the large grille.

2023 gmc sierra duramax
2023 GMC sierra Duramax

the entry-level base model will indeed it is different from the highest model. Judging from the Denali Ultimate model, it will install 22.0-inch alloy wheels with the GMC logo printed neatly, which has sophistication and luxury on that side. Surely this Duramax can conquer the competition in the pickup segment.

Duramax’s Performance

no 2023 gmc sierra 2500hd duramax
no 2023 gmc sierra 2500hd duramax

The mention of Duramax for the new GMC Sierra 1500 is because the engine used is a Duramax engine with a capacity of more than 3 liters. but for the standard sierra 1500, it will use a turbocharged engine with a capacity of 2.7 liters, even this is a new engine upgrade with the results obtained 312 horsepower and 422 lb-ft of torque with an increase of more than 21 percent when compared to the existing engine. the draw is also very impressive at 9,611 pounds.

2023 gmc sierra hd
2023 GMC sierra HD

The type of Duramax turbo diesel engine with a capacity of 3 liters produces 278 hp and 461 lb-ft of torque which has a maximum pull of 13.211 lbs which is amazing. This engine has 2 types of V8. the first 5.3-liter capacity produces 355 hp and 383 lb-ft of torque, the second 6.2-liter capacity 420 hp and 460 lb-ft are very good for the Sierra 1500 but there are better rivals such as the Ford F 150 with a draw of 14,000 lbs.

Offroad specialist, all models have offroad power, but his specialty is the new AT4X sierra method. with the standard engine used v* with a capacity of 6.2 liters and a 10-digit transmission that has 2 types of speed, first off-road-tuned and secondly spool-valve Multimatic DSSV using Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac tires which are very smooth on muddy roads.

2023 GMC Duramax interior

2023 gmc hd
2023 gmc hd

The previous generation can be said for its quite outdated interior. compared to competitors in the same segment such as ford and chevy which prioritize the interior of the car, but for this year, the sierra is more innovative and brilliant with an instrument panel design that is easier to use such as the cockpit, center console.

the SLE model has been upgraded to include a 14-inch color touchscreen from the previous 13.5-inch, and a configurable 12.4-inch instrument cluster. the overhead screen is also attached with a 15.2-inch color screen and also has a 40.4-inch corner screen. very luxurious isn’t it?

2023 gmc 2500
2023 GMC 2500

The front bucket seat has a control system with electronic precision and has a premium type of elevation made of jet black leather. The ultimate Denali model is very luxurious, paired with an instrument panel with leather lining, and also served with premium waterproof fabric, 12 speakers neatly arranged on the door, and a panel on the roof of the car that can be opened for extra ventilation.

The front side of the driver has advanced supercruise technology which can control the trailer and make towing easier. this system will be used on Denali ultimate car models by the standard at no extra cost and there is also an automatic driving system that can run smoothly on US and Canada roads.

2023 duramax
2023 Duramax

2023 GMC Duramax Price

The Sierra Pro model starts at $31,150, the SLE model retails for $42,550, the Elevation model retails for $44,150, and the SLT model retails for $49,550. while the AT4 model is sold at a higher price of around $59,650. the Denali model retails for $59,950, the ATX 4 model retails for $73,650 and the more luxurious Denali ultimate model sells for slightly more than the ATX 4 for $79,050. the price does not include billing, taxes, and shipping costs for an additional $1,345.

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