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2023 GMC terrain can you compete?

2023 GMC terrain – terrain, A car that is arguably in the GMC lineup is the smallest car ever made by offering agile and agile making the terrain car brand a spotlight on the market starting at $25,132 which is a car in the range that is fairly expensive, but GMC can achieve a variety of luxurious cars like the famous car brand Denali.

On the other hand, the 2023 GMC Terrain is a car with a comfortable suspension arrangement with an interior that also feels comfortable, including a high level of safety coupled with an electric system that has made it modern with good savings.

With so many advantages, GMC terrain also has disadvantages such as beginner level strength being weak, cargo space not in accordance with predetermined standards, and also sold at a fairly expensive price.

To start the race for SUV lines in the US market, is it possible that is what GMC Terrain feels will have enough potential to reach the top of the market, like competitors Mazda CX-5 and Acura RDX?

That distinguishes between GMC factory production in 2022 GMC terrain and 2023 which is very significant can be seen from the engine that uses a 2-liter four-cylinder turbo engine which is very lacking, so fans of this SUV can only choose a 1.5-liter engine.

2023 GMC terrain image
2023 GMC terrain image

For safety, it is standard in all GMC terrain models such as an automatic brake system, a warning system when you are about to hit something, a straight line driver that has been set with the system, a collision distance indicator light, a pedestrian brake system, and an intelligent beam headlight.

The advantages of the GMC can be seen from the interior that looks luxurious, the driving sensation is very smooth, no less important in terms of security and safety is considered quite well, the design of the interior and exterior of the GMC car, namely very distinctive and very economical in terms of fuel.

The shortcomings of GMC can be seen from the price of the GMC car that has been offered to the market is still expensive, the engine is felt to be slow, and the cargo space is not large enough.

2023 GMC terrain Exterior 

new 2023 GMC terrain eksterior
new 2023 GMC terrain exterior

Thanks to the GMC’s trademark which is an advantage, the terrain is easily recognizable like the logo that is made so large on the front which is very striking with its bright red color and the front LED lights stay on during the day.

The standard variant, the wheel size used is 17.0 inches with aluminum paint, the SLT variant gets 18.0-inch alloy wheels, and the Denali variant has become a more aggressive top level with the use of 19.0-inch wheels painted in glowing black.

Denali has also been fitted with front LED lights that other GMC terrain models don’t have. To get the impression of floating on the roof, GMC sprinkled colors a little deeper in the position of the rear window.

For the rearview mirrors, a chrome cover and front grille have been made dark, but this option is only available in some GMC variants.

The 2023 GMC terrain is likely to have a Length of 182.4 inches, Rim Distance 107.4 inches, Terrain Height 65.5 inches, Maximum Width 72.5 inches, Terrain Front Width 62.4 inches while Rear width of 62.6 inches is only slightly larger than the front, and the overall general weight of all new terrain variants is 3,459.0 lbs.

2023 GMC terrain eksterior
2023 GMC terrain exterior

The color selection is quite varied, but there is an additional fee for each color selection except for Summit shiny White, while for other color choices such as QuickSilver shiny Metallic, Ebony Twilight shiny Metallic, an additional fee of around $496 is charged.

The more expensive color options include Blue shiny, Satin shiny, shiny Gray, and Red shiny Quartz Tintcoat with an additional cost of around $646, while the most expensive White shiny Frost Tricot color option used in the Denali echelon variant and the SLT variant there will be an additional fee $1,096.

2023 GMC terrain performance

A 9-speed automatic transmission is installed in all GMC variants. The engine used in the new train is only satisfied with the 1.5-liter turbocharged 4 cylinder engine with 171 horsepower and 204 lb-ft of torque and the 2WD system is standard. in all GMC terrain variants, but for the addition of 4WD only made optional.

For the record, the terrain cannot be offroad properly because the all-wheel-drive system is not equipped with a system recommended for offroad.

By downgrading the engine from 2.0 liters to 1.5-liter turbochargers, GMC has lost in terms of performance compared to its main competitors. With the advent of 9.3 seconds of starting time, it travels 0-60 mph and has a towing capacity of 1,500 lbs.

thus GMC is really far from competitors like Mazda CX-5 and Acura RDX. EPA independently tested mileage on FWD system reaches 25/31/27 mpg city/highway/combined, for AWD 25/29/26 mpg.

for If a competitor using a twin gearbox like the CR V can reach 28/35/30 mpg, it’s quite inferior to GMC in this respect. the tank payload is approximately 14.9 gallons, the FWD type has a range of 402 miles without refueling, while for the AWD type it reaches 15.6 gallons and the mileage is 406.

Interior 2023 GMC terrain

2023 GMC terrain interior
2023 GMC terrain interior

In an effort to improve the interior of today’s new terrain car, GMC has revamped most of the interior of the car, with plenty of space available and it also looks luxurious and elegant, but the materials used are a bit substandard.

Seen from the amount of space available at the front and rear, this terrain car gets the spotlight on how the installation of a slightly eccentric transmission gearbox is installed in the middle.

What we usually find in that section is the gear lever, but it’s not that there is nothing in that section. already in the design of a luxurious storage box and a box base for drinking cups.

New 2023 GMC terrain interior
New 2023 GMC terrain interior

the base variant is equipped with a remote lock, a 7.0-inch touch screen, and 6 loudspeakers installed on the front and rear doors, the driver’s wheel is wrapped in leather, and the zone climate control system is installed. even higher variants have power-adjustable seats and an 8.0-inch touchscreen with plush loudspeakers.

New 2023 GMC terrain
New 2023 GMC terrain

the seats are neatly installed in black and there are several other options called black jet, gray jet, assy jet, and taupe. the capacity that can be occupied is 5 adults with the size of the Front and Rear Legroom only 0.9 inches apart at 40.9 inches for the front and 40.1 inches for the rear, while for the front headroom is 39.8 inches and the rear head 38.6 inches.

Price offered 2023 GMC terrain
Price offered 2023 GMC terrain

Price offered 2023 GMC terrain

The entry-level SL variant which includes additional shipping, taxes, and handling costs $26,195, the SLE model retails for $29,695, the SLT variant retails for $33,795, and the top-tier Terrain model costs $37,095 while the addition in a semi 4WD system will cost $1,600 from pre-determined price.

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