2024 Hummer EV First Look Review

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2024 Hummer EV Bright Future And First Looks

2024 Hummer EV – The end of 2021 will determine whether the GMC Hummer car will be updated with a more capable one in the car or outside, are there any significant changes, to answer the question of the audience above, it can be said that the 2022 GMC Hummer may not have deep changes because there is information that there will be no major changes.

there is a change in 2024 hummer EV replacing what can be replaced from 2022 GMC hummer EV and 2023 GMC hummer which may not be updated this year. new SUV 2024

car sales also experienced an increase in the SUV model, which is certain to increase in the US market, which is indeed an increasing interest in the 2022 GMC hummer SUV. Hummer 2022 prices also vary from the lowest to the highest according to the standard model or the custom model. in this case, the 2022 GMC hummer EV price is also starting to be in the spotlight among hammer lovers on this one.

2024 Hummer EV Eksterior
2024 Hummer EV Eksterior

Speaking of changes, after digging into The GMC Hummer EV pickup is here for a few months ago, 2024 GMC Hummer EV has already started its release period for sales as an electric car type H2.

by making changes from the V8-H2 engine which was a bit extravagant but now replaced with an all-electric Ultrium drive platform with a new model powered up to 831 horsepower with the astounding performance from off-road and on-road and is also equipped with a removable sky panel. Luxurious and impressive technology makes this car even more chosen.

Hummer EV will be presented in several models such as EV2, EV2X, EV3X, and Edition 1. most likely to be produced in early 2023 GMC hummer EV SUV which is also still expected to attract attention. GMC has high hopes for changes such as full-size, adventure vehicles, and electric vehicles.

Exterior 2024 Hummer EV

2024 Hummer EV performance
2024 Hummer EV performance

there may not be many changes made to the new hummer SUV, but one can predict that the styling will be more macho and will be more luxurious with a light bar that is precisely mounted to the hummer’s signature shape, also decorated with H2 homage wheels, removable tow hook and reinstalled, the body shape is square, and also the spare tire has been installed neatly behind the new hummer EV.

Other additions include a new feature, namely an infinity roof with sky panels and an I bar that can be removed and reinstalled as desired. GMC model edition 1 has a new color variant Moonshot Green Matte. while the matte hue will be available in other hummer SUV models and EV pickups.

When compared to the GMC hummer EV pickup, the wheelbase is about 9 inches shorter and twenty inches shorter in general or overall, in this case, the SUV has a more aggressive drive and a quick makeover with 35.5 feet of rev that GMC claims in terms of turning faster than the ford mustang mech-E.

Interior 2024 Hummer EV

2024 Hummer EV Interior
2024 Hummer EV Interior

The lunar shadow color is the basic color of the Hummer EV’s interior display, and also the Hummer cabin is not much different from the pickup, it must be remembered that this is not an insult, because this car features the most luxurious in-car design ever in the GMC variant.

The entertainment feature also has new graphics with a 13.4-inch diagonal screen and also a driver information screen with a 12.3-inch diagonal screen. in this case, the available features are digital keys, HD surround vision, and offroad widgets that are installed on all Hummer EV models.

2024 Hummer EV New
2024 Hummer EV New

The older Hummer H2 does offer a fairly small third-row seat option, the new Hummer EV is a pure five-seater, but nothing has been fully published for the interior of the 2024 Hummer EV.

2024 Hummer EV Performance

2024 Hummer EV Price
2024 Hummer EV Price

for the mention of a super truck in the Hummer EV which is now very impressive, it can be seen from the electric motor with the EV2 model producing 625 hp and 7400 lb-ft of torque equipped with 16 battery modules with a range of more than 250 miles, for the EV2X it is equipped with 20 battery modules with The resulting mileage is about 300 miles.

while the EV3X and Edition 1 improve in terms of motors with a total of 3 by producing 830 hp and 11500 lb-ft of torque with a range of approximately 300 miles in 3.5 seconds 0-60 mph. each trim has a different level and power depending on the trim that is already available on the market, with each trim such as EV2, EV2X, EV3X, and Edition 1.

for charging electricity in public places that have been provided have fast capabilities with DC 800 volts up to 300 kW and have also been paired with the latest features by changing the parallel battery mode to series mode when the socket is plugged in.

Price 2024 Hummer EV

the price offered depends on what has been provided, in this case, the Hummer is a powerful type of car and has the advantages of the new GMC product. For the cheapest trim from GMC, the EV2 trim, which has information that it won’t arrive until Spring 2024, retails for $79,996.

The EV2X and EV3X trims are priced at $89,996 and $99,966, respectively, with models released in Spring 2023. Edition 1 trims retail for $105,596 or $110,596 at a hefty price compared to the previous trim. it is already packaged with extreme offroad. This trim will be released in early 2023.

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